What is American Space Madrid?

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American Space Madrid: un project of the US Embassy in Madrid and the International Institute.

The International Institute announced the start-up on March 10, 2014 of American Space Madrid, the result of collaboration between the Embassy of the United States in Madrid and the International Institute.American Space Madrid is a new platform that will offer information on the society and culture of the United States in order to establish a closer relationship with the citizens of Madrid who are interested in the United States. The International Institute, with its more than 120 years of activity in Spain, has decided to support this project because it contributes precisely to the development of the core of its mission, the cultural and educational exchange between the citizens of Spain and the United States.

American Space Madrid will structure its activity around five main lines of programming, complementing the activity carried out by the International Institute itself:

  • English teaching and learning.
  • educational advice on studies in the United States.
  • cultural programs
  • Activities with alumni of the Department of State Programs (Fulbright Program, International Visitors Program, etc.)
  • Information about the United States.