I study Spanish in Madrid because…

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The University of Pennsylvania Summer Program students:

Angela, a student in the Huntsman Program at Penn, is from Shanghai, studying Spanish because "it is a serious language with deep cultural connections and many uses in the social and business world." A Zain from Jordan, "he is very attracted to Spanish and Latin American culture and wants to learn more about both." Lauren is from Colorado and studies environmental science. “I want to study Spanish at the university too because I think he is a very important language in the world and in the United States. In Colorado Spanish is very common because there are many people from Mexico or of Mexican origin. I am in Madrid to explore Europe and Spain and to experience a different culture”. Cristina, an international relations and Near Eastern Language & Civilization student, is from Bucharest and has been studying in the United States since high school: "I'm studying Spanish because I love learning languages ​​and I chose Madrid to study because it's a city with a lot of culture."  Grant, from New York, student of history and international relations : “I want to use history to improve the world when I am older. Therefore I study Spanish to have more connections with other cultures and for this reason I am in Madrid to improve my Spanish and for the wisdom of other people”.

Many thanks to the students of courses 212 (Advanced Grammar and Composition) and 226 (Contemporary Spain) and to the Professor. Francisco Fernández for providing us with these opinions.