Young Learners 1 starts the course with a lot of energy!

20151020_185953 [1]English class students Young Learners 1 they have started at the Institute, with their classes after school or on Saturday mornings. There has been some sleep, but…right away the batteries have been put on to sing, dance, speak, listen and do projects in English.

The first thing they had to do was meet at the Institute, so they went around the building and the garden to learn the names in English.

They have started by getting to know the characters of Brainpop ESL, the program we use in English classes Young Learners 1 to 3. As one of them, Moby, is a robot, the students have built their own robots using different colored shapes. What have they been cool?

In all classes they sing songs and read stories.

20151015_184224 [1]Here the students are making their own version of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see, by Bill Martin, Jr. after hearing the story. If you want to see the story they made, it will be in the Library along with several of the robots. They learned the story by singing, with the help of videos like this one:

The Young Learners 1 groups started off the school year with lots of energy! First they had to get to know the Institute, so they took a tour to learn the names of all the places in English.

They also met the characters from Brainpop ESL, the online program used in the Young Learners 1, 2 and 3 English classes. One of the characters, Moby, is a robot, so the children made robots out of different shapes and colors. Don't they look cool?

20151020_185845 [1]In every class the students listen to stories and songs. They made their own version of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see, by Bill Martin, Jr., which will be on display in the Library. They used videos like this one and the one above to help them remember the words.

Here they are singing the Hello song they learned the very first day of class!