NEW COURSE: Limelight! – Acting, improvisation and personal expression in English

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Improve your English conversation by going on stage, a unique and fun learning experience!


Through the study of scenes, monologues, and improvisation techniques, students hone the tools necessary to interpret characters with different roles, interviews, and public speaking. It is a playful, dynamic and creative course, focused on the analysis of scenes and vocabulary about performing arts.

It will be led by Carrie Klewin Lawrence, a professional, independent stage director with a Master's in Art Direction from the Catholic University of America, as well as a Master's in Music and Arts from New York University (NYU). She is the founder of the International Theater Network and creator of the award-winning and committed community “Variations Project”; she has taught drama, film, and communication at more than a dozen universities.


MINI COURSE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE:  Tuesday from 18:00 – 20:30 | 27 to 8 SEPTEMBER | 15 p.m. | €190,00

MINI COURSE FOR ADULTS:  Wednesday from 10:00 – 12:30 | 28 to 9 SEPTEMBER| 15 p.m. | €190,00


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Improve your spoken English by taking the stage for a fun and unique learning experience!

Through scene study, monologues and improvisation techniques, students will sharpen the tools necessary to present a character for role-playing, interviews, and public speaking. Acting focused vocabulary, including scene analysis, will be at the core of this playful, dynamic and creative course.

Instructor Carrie Klewin Lawrence is a professional freelance stage director with an MFA in directing from The Catholic University of America. She also holds a Masters in Music and Performing Arts from New York University (NYU). Founder of the International Theater Network, and creator of the award-winning community engaged “Variations Project”, she has taught theatre, film, and communications classes at over a dozen universities.

Mini Course for Teens:  Tuesdays from 18:00 – 20:30 | starting September 27. 6 weeks EUR 190,00
Mini Course for Adults:  Wednesdays from 10:00 – 12:30 | starting September 28. 6 weeks EUR 190,00