Travel bags "Ruth Lee Kennedy" International Institute / Fulbright, Course 2017-2018



26th Call, Course 2017-2018

The International Institute in Spain and the Commission for Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange between Spain and the United States of America (Fulbright Program) announce the call for three partial scholarships (travel grants), named after the North American Hispanist Ruth Lee Kennedy, scholar of the Theater of the Golden Age and, especially, of the work of Tirso de Molina. Professor Ruth L. Kennedy taught Spanish language and literature at the Smith College (Massachusetts, USA).

Ruth Lee Kennedy he bequeathed an amount of money that allows the International Institute in Spain to endow, annually, one or two travel grants for university women who want to expand their knowledge or do research in higher education centers in the United States of America.

With the collaboration of the Commission, the number of pools can be doubled and include beneficiaries of both sexes. The Fulbright Program provides beneficiaries with an accident and illness insurance policy, in addition to other services and benefits of Fulbright scholarships.


  • Have Spanish nationality. Applicants who reside or are currently in the United States will not be eligible for scholarships. Applications from those who may have US nationality will also not be accepted.
  • Have obtained the doctorate in a Spanish university from June 2010 or before the deadline for submitting applications. The degrees awarded by private Spanish centers or by foreign institutions must be approved before the closing of this call.
  • Possess an excellent knowledge of the English language – spoken and written.
  • Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously studied or done research at a North American university or research center.


The deadline for submitting applications is January 16 to February 16, 2017, both includeYes go.

Applicants must complete and electronically submit the application available at together with the corresponding accompanying documentation.

An application will be considered complete if it consists of

A. The electronic application form that includes:

  1. Personal details
  2. Academic data
  3. Professional data
  4. Investigation project

B. Documentation attached within the electronic application

  1. Recent photograph
  2. National Identity Document or passport
  3. “Curriculum Vitae” in Spanish, max. 4-5 pages
  4. Academic certificate of studies.
  5. PhD degree.
  6. Letter of access or invitation to the American center. If this document is not provided during the submission period, the application will be withdrawn from the selection process as it is considered incomplete.
  7. Optional: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) results with a minimum score of 100 on the Internet-based Test. If you do not have these results, the Institute and the Commission may administer the language knowledge test they deem appropriate.


All applicants may be required, at any time during the process, to submit the originals of the supporting documents that they had attached scanned to their application.

C. Two letters of reference sent electronically to the Commission. In the request you must indicate the full name and email of the signatories. They will receive a message with instructions to complete the letter.

Incomplete applications or lack of required documentation may result in cancellation of the application.


Each travel bag will be endowed with $3,000.


The duration of the fellowships will not be less than three months. The period of enjoyment, of a maximum of 12 months, must be between the fall of 2017 and the summer of 2018, and may not be postponed to another academic year without the prior authorization of the Institute and the Commission.


The Evaluation Committee will be made up of representatives of the International Institute and of the Commission, or by persons whom they delegate.

The Committee will study the applications received (complete) and, if it deems it appropriate, will choose among them those who must present themselves to the next selection phase in accordance with the following criteria:

- investigation project

– application plan on the return to Spain

- Academic merits

- professional experience

- reference letters

Shortlisted candidates must have a mandatory personal interview, in English, with the Evaluation Committee. The interview will take place at the headquarters of the International Institute, in Madrid, on a day and time that will be duly communicated to the interested parties.

The finalist candidates, proposed by the Committee, will be presented to the J.William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board from the US for final approval.


  • Respond with dedication and use to the academic demands of the North American center and the conditions of the Fulbright Program.
  • Submit the reports required by the managing body of the Fulbright Program in the United States.
  • Stay in the center where you develop your research project. Any request to leave the center or change it, modify the research project, temporarily move to Spain or return before the authorized date must be submitted to the managing body in the United States so that it may request the approval of the International Institute and the Commission.
  • Subscribe for each family member who accompanies you a health and accident insurance, with a minimum coverage of 100.000 dollars per disease and/or accident.
  • Submit a report to the International Institute on the work carried out during your stay in the United States.


  • Enjoy any other type of scholarship or financial aid, granted for the same or similar concepts, without the prior authorization of the International Institute and the Commission.
  • Being an employee or having a first-degree relationship with a member or manager of the International Institute or the Commission.
  • Have previously enjoyed a Fulbright scholarship. 



International Institute in Spain

Michelangelo, 8

28010 Madrid


Telephone: 91 308 16 75


Fulbright Commission

General Oráa, 55, ground floor

28006 Madrid

Telephone: 91 702 70 00

Call hours: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 14 p.m.





Fulbright scholars have a special visa, J-1, to enter the United States. Current regulations require that the beneficiary of this type of visa, once the study period is completed, undertake not to establish permanent residence in the United States until two years have elapsed since the expiration of their visa. To request the exemption to the rule, the scholarship recipient must have exhausted the possibilities of continuing with a J-1 visa.


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