Spring 2017 American Expression Course: Equality 2.0: African American Literature

This quarter we return to the theme of Equality as seen through the lens of some of the best works of African American literature. Particular attention will be paid to works of the Reconstruction and Jim Crow eras, the Black Arts Movement, and the contemporary period.

Instructor: Andrew Bennett, Ph.D.

➢ Language Skills developed include:

·      OralExpression through debates, discussions, and presentations.

·      writing skills through short reaction papers and blog entries.

·      Reading and Listening Comprehension through the analysis and interpretation of music, literature, theory, and journalism.

Level Advanced-Proficiency
Duration 30h/quarter | 3h/week | 1 or 2 days
Hours Tuesdays & Thursdays | 12:00-13:30

Tuesday | 19:00-22:00

Fairy €380 (access to materials included)
Dates April 4th – June 22nd
Registration English department


91 319 81 84/82 75

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