Young Learners in July “Campamento Urbano!”

In July, the Institute’s “Campamento Urbano” was a “big hit” for all our students, from ages 8 to 16. Why travel abroad you can EXPERIENCE English right here in Madrid?

Learning Themes

Each week consisted of a theme related to North American culture, and students were immersed in an environment of English through projects, games, technology, debates, skits, presentations and guest speakers. This July’s themes were:

  • American Music: From pop to hip-hop, jazz to rock and roll…..ever heard of bluegrass? Students listened to and analyzed American music genres to improve their vocabulary, pronunciation, and intonation.
  • American Art: Special focus on the Pop Art movement! We had an amazing display of original creations by students  inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.
  • The Environment: Learning and taking action! Students did internet research in the computer lab on climate change, global warming and  ways to make a difference. They created advertisements, videos, and skits. We also welcomed an expert guest speaker from Al Gore’s organization, Project Climate.
  • Travel around North America: Dream trips! Students researched and created brochures for exciting trips around North America and the world.

Experiencing Madrid in English

Our July Young Learners also participated in two excursions: Annie Liebovitz’s Photography Exhibit and a trip to the Botanical Gardens.

We also had two celebrations in the Institute Garden as well: 4th of July party with watermelon and baseball, as well as “Pirate Day” after watching Pirates of the Caribbean on the big screen! Teachers transformed the garden into a Treasure Island and students competed for prizes.