Nuevo número recibido de: The New Yorker ( February 8, 2010)

Sumario de este número:

*Goings on about town

*The talk of the town. Hendrik Hertzberg on the State of the Union; J. D. Salinger remembered

*Letter from Haiti. Neighbors´Keeper. A woman provides for her community. Jon Lee Anderson

*Shouts & Murmurs. Dear Type-A Parent. Bruce McCall

*Personal History. The Patch. Contest with a fierce fish. John McPhee

*A reporter at large. The Trafficker. The long case against Monzer al-Kassar. Patrick Radden Keefe

*Profiles. Revelations. A singer breaks a gospel stricture. Kelefa Sanneh

*Fiction “William Burns”. Roberto Bolaño


*The sky line. Dubai´s Burj Khalifa. Paul Goldberger

*Musical events. Bach in a jazz club. Alex Ross

*A critic at large. Sam Shepard´s craft. John Lahr

*Books. Briefly Noted

*The theatre. “Venus in Fur.” Hilton Als

*The current cinema “Edge of Darkness”, “The Red Shoes.” Anthony Lane


*”Pescadero”. Mark Doty

*”If Truth Is the Lure, Humans Are Fishes”. Jane Hirshfield


*”Baby, It´s Cold Outside,” by Ana Juan


*Danny Shanahan, Barbara Smaller, Bruce Eric Kaplan, Charles Barsotti, David Sipress, Frank Cotham, Ariel Molving, Paul Noth, Farley Katz, Jack Ziegler, Alex Gregory, Zachary Kanin, Willian Hamilton


*Benoît Jacques
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