Nuevo número recibido de: The New Yorker (April 12, 2010)

Sumario de éste número:

*Goings on about town

*The talk of the town. Elizabeth Kolbert on Climategate; James Surowiecki on states in debt

*Letters from Guinea. Downfall. The end of a West African dictatorship. Jon Lee Anderson

*The sporting scene. The Rainy Season. Stars af spring training. Ben McGrath

*Shouts & Murmurs. Geoff Sarkin Is Using Twitter! Mike Sacks and Scott Rothman

*A reporter at large. The Pink Panthers. The global reach of Balkan jewel thieves. David Samuels

*Fiction. “The TV”. Ben Loory


*On television. “Treme”. Nancy Franklin

*Books. The Caucasian cause. Briefly Noted. Kelefa Sanneh

*The poems of Kay Ryan. Adam Kirsch

*The Theatre. “Red”, “Lend Me a Tenor”. John Lahr

*The current cinema. “Clash of the Titans”, “Everyone Else”. Anthony Lane


*”Lust for Life”. Michael Robbins

*”Next Door”. Jessica Greenbaum”


*”Spring Has Sprung” by Edward Sorel


*Charles Barsotti, Zachary Kanin, Drew Dernavitch, Bob Eckstein, Kim Warp, P.C. Vey, Edward Koren, Jack Ziegler, Roz Chast, Farley Katz, Lee Lorenz, Leo Cullum, William Hamilton, Alex Gregory


*Maximilian Bode
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