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“Quicksand and Passing” by Nella Larsen

“Quicksand, Larsen’s first novel, is generally considered the better of the two. The work is a superb psychological study of a complicated and appealing woman, Helga Crane, who, like Larsen herself, is the product of a liaison between a black man and a white woman. In one sense, Quicksand might be called an odyssey; however, instead of overcoming a series of obstacles and finally arriving at her native land, Larsen’s protagonist has a series of adventures, each of which ends in disappointment.”

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Quicksand; and Passing / Nella Larsen. — Blacksburg, VA : Wilder, 2010. — 186 p. ; 23 cm.

ISBN 978-1-60459-992-3

PS 3523.A7225 A6 2010