Autumn Poetry

Students in Young Learners 3 have written original poems about autumn. They learned that another word for autumn is “fall.” That’s because the leaves FALL off the trees during this season! Their teacher Maria talked about how FALL is her FAVORITE season. She really misses her home, in Massachusetts, in fall because the trees are BEAUTIFUL at this time of year!

We learned a lot of new vocabulary to describe what we do, see, hear, even taste, in this season.

Take a look at their “We Love Fall” poems. You’ll be impressed!

We love fall!

by Julia and María

It’s very funny!

It’s a lot and a lot of leaves.

It’s time for changing clothes.

It’s the time of Halloween and putting pumpkins in your house.

It’s the time of the squirrels collecting acorns.

It’s very very cool.

It’s fall!

by Álvaro

It’s the last bird.

It’s starting Halloween.

It’s not swimsuit time!

It’s eating hot food,

It’s acorns and chestnuts.

It’s time for cool weather.

It’s time for blankets.

It’s fall!

by Clara and Beatriz

It’s a lot of multi-colored leaves.

It’s pumpkins with crazy faces.

It’s chestnuts on the path.

It’s cool night and day.

It’s crunchy leaves.

It’s acorns in the forest.

I prefer summer…

But I love fall.