Kids’ Club celebrates Thanksiving

Kids’ Club has done several activities to commemorate Thanksgiving this November.  We prepared  marshmallow Pilgrims’ hats and Native American tepees that children could take home and eat. Tepees were dwellings used by the Native Americans of the Great Plains, so the Pilgrims did not actually see them. The Native Americans where the Pilgrims arrived, the Wompanoag, lived in dome-shaped houses called wetuash (singular wetu).

We also made some origami turkeys and learned some Thanksgiving songs and poems. Some students even wrote poems of their own. In the pictures you can see examples of some cinquain poems the kids wrote. On November 26th, the students performed a Readers’ Theater script and sang a Thanksgiving song for their parents, as well as showing them some of their work. Then the families shared some Thanksgiving snacks.

Thanks to all the students and their families for being with us this year!