NEW SPRING 2016 ACS COURSE: American Cinema: The New World

This spring the American Cultural Studies program (ACS) will offer four new courses. Come to our free open session during the IIE Open House on March 15th to learn more.

This course will examine the expression “The New World” and some aspects of immigration to the United States, from the hopes and fears of the immigrant, to the challenges faced by second-generation Americans, as reflected in a variety of films from different periods and genres. Students will not only discuss these themes, as well as learn to analyze the films critically, but also participate in diverse activities (role plays, debates, etc.), in which they will practice the language and grammar needed in the simulated situations that reflect the realities of immigration. They will acquire vocabulary that relates to the discussion of immigration as well as to the analysis of film. At the end of the trimester, students successfully completing this course will be able to analyze films using cinematic language, give opinions about films, have a greater understanding of American Cinema in terms of its historic place within contemporary American culture and its relation to and reflection of societal movements and changes (in this case, immigration), and improve on a number of grammar points, while enriching their vocabulary.