Reading Zines: Graphic Novel Family Book Club for Tweens – Book of the month: January 2020

We hope you have enjoyed the great story for this month “The Last Kids on Earth” by Max Brallier y Douglas Holgate. 

We share  some of the questions that we want to discuss about it during the first part of the activity:


  1. This is a post-apocalyptic novel. What does it means?
  2. Why does Jack Sullivan live in his tree house?
  3. Discuss the theme of teamwork in this story.
  4. Describe Jack’s team. What is their mission?
  5. If you were stuck in a tree house trying to protect from zombies, what is one item you would want to have with you? Why?
  6. Discuss the problem and solution of this story.
  7. Who do you think the scariest creature in the book is? Whay did you pick that creature?
  8. Predict what will happen in the sequel to this story.
  9. How would you change the story if you were the author?
  10. Whould you recommend this book to a friend? why or why not?

Choose your favorite character from the story and desing an image that represent him/her. We’ll make a badge using it during the next session.