ACS Virtual Mini-Courses and Workshops for May

American Cultural Studies (ACS):
Virtual Mini-Courses and Workshops for May

Una nueva manera de dar clase, ¡la misma calidad de siempre!

American Film Studies: MGM Stars ONLINE MINI-COURSE

  • 10 hour mini-course
  • Upper Intermediate
  • 127€

ACS Weekend Retreat: Yoga & Mindfulness in American Culture ONLINE WORKSHOP

  • 9 hour workshop
  • Upper Intermediate
  • 115€

Limelight: Virtual Home Theatre

  • 4.5 hour workshop
  • Upper Intermediate
  • 58€

American Cultural Studies: The City in American Literature ONLINE MINI-COURSE

  • 8 hour mini-course
  • Upper Intermediate
  • 102€

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