MATRICULA ABIERTA: Micro cursos virtuales para 4-8 de mayo!


8-14 MAYO

– Speak Better Club

  • This special course builds speaking skills in pronunciation, vocabulary, and conversation, which learners need in order to interact more efficiently and fit into the English-speaking world. This upcoming module will focus on the following points:
  • Day 1: Standard American Pronunciation – Learn what a standard American accent is and practice techniques to make it yours.
  • Day 2: Get it together! – Reduce the choppiness in your English pronunciation to integrate better among native speakers.
  • Day 3: Speed Builders – Acquire correct spoken reductions to gain more fluency without losing your message.
  • Day 4: Conversation Stretchers – Adopt strategies for maintaining conversations longer and for improving your communication skills.
  • Day 5: Talking about people – Show politeness and neutrality when speaking about the family, forms of address for men and women, job titles, and nationalities.
  • 8 mayo – 14 mayo, 19h – 21.30h
  • 1 sesión 19 €, 5 sesiones 85€.
  • Intermedio Alto/Avanzado

– Grammar Workshop: Phrasal Verbs

  • Do phrasal verbs make you anxious? Yes, it is impossible to memorize all phrasal verbs, but understanding how they work helps. This course will help reduce your anxiety through practice, using common phrasal verbs in context. We will also analyze how they are formed, and how their particles (prepositions like up, down, over, back ) give clues to their meaning.   
  • 8 mayo – 14 mayo, 9.30h-10.30h/19h-20h
  • 1 hora diaria (5 horas en total) 63 €
  • Intermedio/Intermedio Alto/Avanzado

-Listening Skills Workshop

  • This intensive course will offer students daily listening practice to help improve comprehension. Short audio or video clips will be used and students will work on specific skills, such as listening for main idea, listening for mood or register, and listening for specific information. Attention will be paid to reduced pronunciation, contractions, and linking typical of conversation.
  • 8 mayo – 14 mayo, 9.30h-10.30h/19h-20h
  • 1 hora diaria (5 horas en total) 63 €
  • Intermedio/Intermedio Alto/Avanzado

– Business English

  • This intenisve micro-course will offer students the perfect opportunity to dramatically improve their English communicative skills for the workplace. In addition, time will be dedicated to practicing virtual interview skills.
  • 8 mayo – 14 mayo, 20h-21h
  • 1 hora diaria (5 horas en total) 63 €
  • Intermedio/Intermedio Alto/Avanzado


Para inscribirte, ponte en contacto con la Secretaría del Departamento de Inglés a través de correo electrónico ( o en el teléfono 913198184.

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