New online mini-course: Speak Better (improving your speech through pronunciation, discourse, and vocabulary)

Las clases de inglés online de 90 minutos se centran en la adquisición y práctica de la pronunciación, vocabulario y expresiones habituales en conversaciones. Tenemos para ti un curso de inglés en Madrid o vivas donde vivas en el mundo.

Each 90-minute online class emphasizes the discovery and practice of pronunciation, vocabulary, and discourse patterns. Students will interact not only with their teacher but also with other classmates in activities for pairs, groups, and mingling. They will also rely on exploiting speech technology to resolve doubts and foster autonomy. Students will receive electronic file worksheets to complete tasks and use authentic documents such as audio and video files.

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Learn more about the course instructor, Christopher Withers, by visiting his LinkedIn page.

Sessions and Objectives

Students successfully completing this course will be able to:

Standard American Pronunciation

  • Understand what both “standard” and “American” mean in terms of pronunciation
  • Recognize standard American pronunciation patterns and variation within the U.S.
  • Integrate “magic Y” and “flapped T” to smooth out inconsistencies in their pronunciation

Get It Together!

  • Connect words internally and externally for smoother, more intelligible speech
  • Recognize, understand, and activate the transformations of reduction, assimilation, palatalization
  • Produce less accented speech, i.e. sound more “natural”

Speed Builders

  • Incorporate written and unwritten contractions more consistently
  • Take advantage of ellipsis of auxiliary verbs and/or their subjects in yes/no questions
  • Incorporate pro-forms such as short answers to yes/no questions, too/so//either/neither

Conversation Stretchers

  • Echo their conversation partner’s speech with indirect speech to clarify meaning or gain thinking time
  • React through vocabulary to show that the message and channel of communication are clear
  • Manage expressions to participate as a pleasant, likeable, friendly yet courteous conversation partner.

Talking About People

  • Recall and integrate gendered and non-gendered kinship terms specific to the English-speaking world
  • Use gendered collocations, forms of address, and gender-neutral job titles correctly
  • Show respect and neutrality when referring to nationality/ethnicity/race/religion, age, ability, and sexual orientation.