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“The Impersonal Sublime: Hugo, Baudelaire, Lautréamont” by Suzanne Guerlac

“The question of the sublime, which links the idea of ​​aesthetic force with rhetorical impact and moral law, has been an important topic in discussion of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century art and the shift between them. This book argues that the sublime is equally important in understanding the shift from romanticism to modernism later in the century. The author studies the work of three French authors conventionally considered pivotal figures in the trajectory from romanticism to modernism: Hugo, father of romanticism; Baudelaire, precursor of symbolist modernism; and Lautreamont, hero of (post) modernism.”

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The impersonal sublime: Hugo, Baudelaire, Lautréamont / Suzanne Guerlac. — Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1990. — XVI, 247 p.; 23cm

Bibliography: p. 223-234

ISBN-0 8047-1786-9

PQ 283.G84 1990

R. 88107