New number received from: Insula (nº768. December 2010)

Summary of this issue:

*Miguel Hernández: The impact of his trip to the Soviet Union. Juan Cano Ballesta

*Antonio Machado at the Ángel González in Collioure. Jose Jurado Morales

*Turned on Ave Eva. The ternary writing of Gonzalo de Berceo (Hymns II, c.2). Juan Garcia Unique

* Exemplary literary criticism. Angel Basanta

*JE Zúñiga against the light of symbolist aesthetics. Antonio Garrido Dominguez

*The theater of the Golden Age. María del Valle Ojeda Calvo

*Stories, shelves and songs in the poetry and narrative of Kirmen Uribe. Iratxe Martin Esparza

*Bilbao-New York-Bilbao. Santiago Perez Isasi

*Between assimilation and difference. Paul Kortazar

*Dublin. Cristina Onoro Otero

*The clock continues to run. Jordi Amat

* The warrior ethic of Torres Villarroel. Anna Caballe

* In their own words. Julia Uceda

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