Last number received from: HISPANIC REVIEW (vol. 79.3. S 2011)

Summary of this issue:


*Biographical emulation of Dante in Mena´s labyrinth of Fortuna and Coplas of the seven deadly sins. Daniel Harnett

*Back and forth monsters: gypsies and cannibals in the baroque anthropological machine. Javier Jimenez-Belmonte

*"Reliable people and formal words": legitimation strategies of the historiographic narration in the fourth part of the Chronicle of Peru by Pedro Cieza de León. Luis H. Castaneda

*Platonic love “in the ball”: unmasking of the sublimated sexual appetite in Rima I by Becquer. Irene Mizrahi

*Espacio de Juan Ramón Jiménez: extremes of the prose poem, impure inclusivity, collapse of the self and resistance to total fusion. Ernesto Estrella Cozar

* ”Hygiene in the house of speech”: Eugenio Montejo´s The notebook of Blas Coll. John Paul Luqui


*The inverted conquest: the myth of modernity and the transatlantic onset of modernism (Gerard Aching). Alejandro Mejias-Lopez

*Writing from the Margins: Colonialism and the Jesuits in the Eighteenth Century (Margaret R. Ewalt): Ivonne of the Valley

*Caicedo's trail: critical views (Bryan Jones). Juan Duchesne Winter, and Felipe Gomez Gutierrez

*Imperial lyrics: new poetry and new subjects in early modern Spain (María Cristina Quintero). Leah Middlebrook

*Music and identity: Spanish musical theater and intellectuals in the Modern Age (Víctor Sánchez Sánchez). Raphael Lamas

*Continental divides: remapping the cultures of North America (Kirsten Silva Gruesz). Rachel Adams

*Misplaced objects: migrating collections and collections in Europe and the Americas (Doris Sommer). Silvia Spitta

*Cuba and the new originism (Esther Whitfield). James Buckwalter-Arias 

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