New number received from: Letras Libres (year XI, nº 126. March 2012)


Summary of this issue:


*The reality ignored. Timothy Snyder

*A song by Maria Grever. Gabriel Zaid

* Lovers' night (fragment). felix romeo 


*Rambling. Tedi Lopez Mills

*Place. Joseph Kozer

*Seven oaks. Peter Serrano 


*Julián Herbert's grave song. patrick

*The Triumph of Cities, by Edward Glaeser. Manuel Arias Maldonado

*On the fly of the page. Diary 1990-2000, by Juan Malpartida. Blas Matamoro

*Jin Ping Mei. The scholar of laughter, anonymous. Leah Bonnin

* Collected Tales and The Lives of Dubin, by Bernard Malamud. Javier Aparicio Maydeu

*Notebooks of the islands, by Andrés Sánchez Robayna. Marian of Santa Ana

*The Patagonian Hare, by Claude Lanzmann. Andrea Martinez Baraks 


*Cinema: The Goyas 2012. Vicente Molina Foix

*Painting: Mona Lisa bis. Maria Minera

*Plastic arts: Hesychasta. On the death of Tàpies

*Art: One sixth of the Earth in the MUSAC. Maria Virginia Jaua 


*Astronomy: The exploration of the cosmos. Mª Teresa Giménez Barbat

*In memoriam: Untimely praise of Carlos Pujol. jordi grace

* Culture journalism. Caesar's wife. Malcolm Otero Barral

*Venezuela: Primary Elections: General Rehearsal?. Ibsen Martinez

*Literature: Death will come and will have your lyrics. Mauricio Montiel Figueiras 


*Infinitesimal Diary: One or two basic notions of alchemy. Hugo Hiriart

* Synapse: Gross internal love. Roger Bartra

* Aeroliths: How to fail in society. Enrique Serna

*Saltapatrás: The future as raw material. William Sheridan

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