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“Republican exile press 1936-1977” by Ana González Neira



“INDEX Introduction 1. The War and departures towards exile. 1.1. Main host countries in America 1.2 Main host countries in Europe 2. The press of the republican political émigrés 2.1. The press in the concentration camps and on the ships to America 2.2. Evolution of the exile press 3. Place of publication 4. Contents 5. Economic and political limitations 6. Editors and publishers 7. Dissemination Bibliography The diaspora of the Civil War caused the birth of hundreds of republican newspapers in the host countries of the Spanish exiles. These publications helped them to configure a space where their cause transcended physical territories and to form an imaginary that crossed borders and in which they located their ideal and particular concept of the Spanish state. Thanks to the construction of this mental and communicative territory, their belonging to a people did not float in an absolute vacuum and settled in that relational environment that they also erected with and in the press. Through their media, they shared their status as refugees despite the distances that separated them, while continuing to fight against Francoism. This book goes into and makes visible the bulletins, newspapers and magazines of the exiled republicans who acted as a platform for their political, cultural and scientific activity from 1936 to 1977. It emphasizes the difficulties they had to overcome, in knowing who their editors and publishers were. , in trying to know the origin of its financing, to indicate the obstacles to its distribution and to point out how the discrepancies between the different ideologies were reflected in its press, as well as the wishes of these political émigrés to return to a democratic Spain….. ”


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Republican exile press [Printed text]: 1936-1977 / Ana González Neira. 

Santiago de Compostela: Andavira, DL 2010. 

252 p.: ill ; 21cm